How to Increase YouTube Views

Some YouTube channels lack viewers, especially beginners in the YouTube field, affecting the channel and lowering its ranking in search engines. Many statistics have shown that YouTube videos get more than 1.5 billion views per day. On average, a viewer spends more than 1 hour on YouTube. If you have few views on your channel and wonder how to increase them, Maxart Advertising Agency in Dubai suggests these simple tips.

Motivate Viewers to Subscribe to the Channel

Existing viewers are an ideal source for watching the video. So you should encourage them to subscribe to your channel. After subscribing, you will find that the number of views increases gradually. All you have to do is get them to click the subscribe button of your channel. It’s also a good idea to add a call to action to the video.

Ask the Viewers what They Want at the End of Each Video

If you create a video that does not attract viewers, you will not get any views. So all you have to do is ask the audience what they want to see. In fact, uploading content that your audience will love is a great way to drive views and capture your audience’s attention.

Using Playlists

According to YouTube statistics, the best channels on YouTube have many playlists. In fact, when the content is great, people will continue to watch the videos as they are played automatically. Therefore, you will notice a significant increase in the number of views.

Suggested Videos

With the final screen and suggested videos, you can take the audience to your other great content. In fact, the suggested video looks like a popup that appears during the video. On the other hand, after playing the video, the final screen will appear. Therefore, you will increase the number of views of the channel in a short period of time.

Follow SEO Rules

If people can’t find your video, they won’t be able to watch it. In other words, you need to follow the best SEO strategy. So, what you have to do is add effective keywords when creating the title and description. Make sure the keywords are relevant to your video.

Use Thumbnails

Make sure the video thumbnail is eye-catching. Using auto-generated thumbnails is not a good idea. Instead, you should use custom thumbnails. You will find that the number of views on your channel has increased significantly.

The First 5 Seconds

Studies say that most YouTube viewers decide during the first 5 seconds of a video whether to continue the rest of the video or close it. So make the first 5 seconds of your video as powerful and engaging as you can.

Hire Influencers

It has a direct impact on the overall strategy to increase YouTube views and channel visits. Not only will you attract the attention of other people who follow this influencer in particular, but you will also get the attention of everyone involved in their field of work.[email protected]/;u=3259768

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