ED Factors

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2Conditions that cause erectile dysfunction usually are:

  • overweight
  • smoking
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol level of blood
  • sedentary life style and lack of sports
  • diabetes
  • metabolic syndrome

The usual reasons of ED

ED can appear due to different conditions. The conditions may be as emotional or physical stress as well.

Physical reasons mean squeezing of blood veins of the penis because of the high cholesterol level in blood, high blood pressure,or diabetes problems. Penis surgery or traumatic cases as well any hormonal diseases may result in ED.

10The emotional stress for example depression, high anxiety or even problems between the partners also cause the appearance of ED.

Types of impotence

Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction shortly called ED is described by health experts as a sexual disorder of men that makes them unable to fulfill sexual act due to inappropriate erections. Lots of men in the world encounter this problem and have to find the treatment, which will suit them best of all.

The inadequate blood supply to the penis leads to shorter penile erection or flabby erection which cannot last as long as sexual intercourse.

The problem of erectile dysfunction becomes younger meaning that it strikes more and more young men. Normally the treatment is everlasting, except the cases when impotence is related to stress or other emotional disturbance or discomfort resulting in temporary problem.11

Still, men should be in the know that this problem is well treatable and there are sure methods of coping with bad erections.

Physicians and other health experts divide impotence in several different types with respect to the underlying cause of this condition. It is vital to understand the reason behind the impotence problem to get the proper treatment and have the positive results.

Erectile dysfunction caused by vein leakage is the type of impotence often found in older males. The veins get completely blocked and prevent normal erectile function. This type of impotence is characterized by erection which do not last long and fade soon after a man gets the erection.

12Erectile dysfunction, caused by blocked or narrowed arteries supplying the penis with blood, is found in men with diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis and other diseases which restrict or somehow limit the flow of blood to the penis.

Impotence produced by nerve damage is called neurogenic ED. This type of condition is hard to treat because of the injured nerves coming from the penis to the brain. It may happen when a man has a trauma to the penis, has undergone the prostate surgery or has a brain injury.

One of the most common types of impotence in men is so-called diabetic impotence which occurs in men who are diabetic. The uncontrolled sugar levels in such men can increase the risk of improper sexual functioning.

Emotional type of impotence is found in men of different ages and is caused by different psychological conditions such as depression, stresses, anxiety and others. This type of impotence is usually most easily treated.13

Without regard to the type of impotence there are effective treatments available today on the market. Buy Cialis is one of such medicines which can be applied mostly in all cases of impotence.

Its use should be regulated by a physician who cares about your health or urologist. Sometimes the consultations of other doctors are needed to put the right diagnosis and adjust the correct dose of this medicine.

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