Records Management Is Critical in Natural Disaster-Prone Regions

After the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, many East Coast businesses are finding record and data recovery next to impossible. A business relies heavily on mission-critical data and slower recovery time means more time the business is put on hold, which results in a higher loss of revenue. Since records management is not a business’ primary operation, utilizing a reputable records management service is important-especially for businesses located in natural disaster-prone regions.

Controlling Creation and Growth of Company Records
Though non-paper media has proven itself effective at storing records, numerous paper resources are still required in offices. Records management services can help create control limits on the generation of useless paper records and improve records retention by storing inactive records. In the end, the growth of records-in all formats-is stabilized.

Reduction of Operating Costs
Regardless of their location, businesses spend numerous resources on administrative equipment. Staff is required to monitor this equipment and time is wasted recovering lost records. Businesses spend up to one-fourth of their operating costs on finding storage and staff to handle these records. Businesses without any form of records management or organization spend upwards of 30 percent more. By storing off-site at a secure records management facility, businesses can save on overhead and staffing costs while streamlining operations and improving productivity.

Security Control and Litigation Risk Factors
During a natural disaster, buildings are quickly evacuated and are often not secured properly. With buildings left open to the elements and people potentially looting in the affected area, security and liability become a factor. Records can easily be picked up by those passing by or can be destroyed by floods, fires, or earthquakes.

At a secure facility only a small amount of individuals go in and out of the facility itself. Since the facility is secured at all times both manually and electronically, the security control risks are reduced significantly in comparison to haphazardly storing records on-site. Furthermore, while on the grounds of the records management storage service, the liability is transferred from the business to the off-site storage provider. Businesses therefore reduce their litigation risks and associated costs if file tampering or theft occurs.

Proactive Advantages records management
Records stored off-site are protected against natural disasters before one happens. This removes any responsibility from the company to take the necessary precautions to ensure important records are packaged, stored, and secured properly before evacuation. Business owners also no longer have to worry about the cost or issues associated with contracted movers or experts to move important documents last-minute during a natural disaster situation.

Businesses located in natural disaster-prone regions must use extensive capital to purchase or construct storage units that can withstand the elements. Off-site records management services that are away from natural disaster zones are constructed with safety and the unexpected in mind. Although a business pays a monthly or annual storage fee, the costs are relatively low in comparison to those required to create on-site storage. A superior off-site records storage facility will be weather-proof, controlled, and secured, providing a comprehensive records management solution that increases productivity, reduces risks, eliminates hassles, and allows business owners to rest easier when disaster strikes.


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